This is a blog that I post to several times a week although not necessarily daily. These reflections are triggered by the scripture found in the lectionary used by many Christian denominations. While I am part of the Catholic tradition, these posts are not --or rarely--sectarian. I try to put myself in the space of a of Jesus Christ and listen to words that come to me as I read and pray the scriptures. Each post also includes a photograph. These rarely have any connection to the content of the post but are simply pleasing images that I capture as I make my pilgrimage through life.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Whose wisdom will it be?

Sunset at Lock 33
"Let no one deceive himself.
If anyone among you considers himself wise in this age,
let him become a fool, so as to become wise.
For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in the eyes of God..." I Cor 3:18-19
There appear to be two options here:  the wisdom of the Divine One or the wisdom of the world.  Paul seems to make quite clear that it is one or the other.  Any attempt to blend the two won't work.  How do I understand the wisdom of the Divine One?  Is it not the very mission of Jesus:  to love the Divine One and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Is not the wisdom of the world focus on one's self interest and to maximize that self interest.  In doing the latter, even if one does not intend to harm others, it inevitably happens because one is not aware or sensitive to what is happening to others.  I can experience my lie as good and secure and be oblivious to the fact that many people have been left behind.

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